Brittney Jones Sextape

Brittney Jones, the young beauty from LA that claims to have had an affair with Hollywood front man Ashton Kutcher is releasing a sextape via Vivid Entertainment. The male participant is unnamed, but Brittney says she met up with Ashton Kutcher for sex after meeting him in the Lucky Strike bowling alley in Hollywood. Ashton is none too happy about the accusations, but it remains unclear what really happened. Vivid has struck a deal with Brittney Jones and we're hearing December 14th they will release the tape entitled Brittney Jones Confidential. Brittney is one curvy and sexy woman, don't miss this chance to see her nude and presumably getting boned on film! Check out the limited screenshots Vivid has released!

Brittney Jones Confidential Pics

Brittney Jones Ashton Kutcher

Brittney Jones Sextape

Brittney Jones

Vivid is ramping up the interest in Brittney Jones Confidential... see it here first!

Who is Brittney Jones and why is she important? Well, she isnít important, but she is on all the tabloids ó the girl that Hollywood canít stop talking about! Brittney Jones is the 21-year-old Hollywood hottie that allegedly had a tryst with Ashton Kutcher. It has been reported, that she initially split the Hollywood power couple Ashton and Demi. Brittney claims the two met at a trendy bowling alley, and later while Demi was away, Ashton made love to her right on couch that Ashton and Demi share in their grand home in Beverly Hills. It is apparent why Ashton strayed. Demi Moore is certainly a fox, or shall I say cougar, but this kitten is younger.

Now you can really see what tempted Ashton, 21-year-old Brittney has a sex tape that leaked with a former boyfriend. We can see the real Brittney: raw, wild, naked, tan, taught, and ready for some action. The sex tape proves Brittney to be explicit and hardcore with scene featuring her from behind, on her back, in black lacy panties, great ass shots, and donít forget the blowjobs. This bad girl home wrecker will give you a thrill that you would certainly stray for in any situation.